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Discover our privacy controls and features.

We don't sell you.

Some websites sell your data, track you, and make you the product. Not us. We'll never sell your data to third parties or watch what you do. We also will never use external tools such as Google Analytics that'll do it either.

Protect your content.

If you'd prefer you can password protect your group's pages and albums. You can do this by requiring people to have accounts and request access, or by setting a password and sharing it with the people you want to be able to access it.

The fine print.

The dreaded fine print, we all have it and we all need it. We ensure that our fine print is human readable, and even put a summary at the top of it just incase you need a quick overview before you start reading.

UK-based servers.

Our servers are located in the UK and comply with all UK data protection and privacy laws.

Submit a content report.

If someone or something doesn't look right, tell us. We'll sort it.

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