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ScoutsOnline is a new way to share your group's memories with parents, carers, friends, and more. It's safe, secure, free and easy to use.

Share the moments that matter.

One thing we know is that parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles, and friends all love to see pictures of their loved ones having fun. Scouts is a one of a kind organisation that gives young people skills for life and creates memories that will last even longer. So let's make them memories last forever.

Our platform lets you share the memories with loved ones, and keeps them memories alive for years to come. Store up to 5,000 images, 100 videos, and utilise our events system to schedule, share, and collaborate on Scouting events - all for free.

Want to store more? No problem. We have affordable and flexible plans that can allow you to store up to an unlimited amount of images and videos.

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Putting Privacy First.

ScoutsOnline is built by Scouts, for Scouts. So we've made our platform in a way that allows you to control who can see the content you post. Our servers are located in the UK, and we've built our service to ensure it's compliant with Scouting's policies and procedures around data protection, photography guidelines, and safeguarding.

There's no selling of data, shady fine print, or licensing. Just you, your pictures, and your memories held for as long as you want in a safe, privacy respecting environment that you control.

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We're green! ScoutsOnline is powered 100% by renewable energy. That's important - because every time you (or any of your scouts) use the internet, you release carbon into the atmosphere. But not here.
This website is hosted Green - checked by Smugmug isn't green hosted, so any galleries hosted there release carbon for every picture, video, and page loaded.

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Safeguarding and Safety

ScoutsOnline is committed to upholding The Scouts' safeguarding guidelines, offline and on the internet.
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