Why We Need the Infant Toys 0-3 Months ?

Infant Toys 0 3 Months

Why Were the Infant Toys 0-3 Months So Important?

In the first months, before the baby learns to capture objects or sit, your baby will first learn to see and hear. But actually, we need Infant toys 0-3 months. At this age, the baby will be attracted to the human face as well as the memory of a person’s face that has begun recorded to be able to recognize you. The objects with bright colors have appeal to babies at this age.

Infant Toys 0 3 Months

Actually, not many options infant toys 0-3 months can be given, because their activities at this age are still mostly sleeping and nursing. However, it should also be given some just for education in accordance with their age. Infant toys 0-3 months can introduce children to the world around them, especially the sounds.

Why Must Be Carefully Before Buying Infant Toys 0-3 Months?

Because the right toy will help the baby to perfect his skills. Do not get me wrong, babies aged 0 – 3 months not only can drink milk and sleep but at this age, the baby can be invited to play to stimulate the development of motor neuron and also can develop new skills.

  1. At this age, babies cannot do much but their sensory devices are very sensitive to receive the stimulus provided. Therefore choose a toy that has a striking color and does not easily fade, otherwise, it is safe when the baby bites.
  2. From birth, baby can differentiate color but difficult to distinguish tone. So when choosing Infant toys 0-3 months should be with a color pattern that attracts the baby’s attention.
  3. Toys with good quality will not have a loose part.
  4. Choose toys that sound or sound so that the baby can explore the toy, but the sounds are not shrill or too loud because it can damage the baby’s hearing senses.
  5. For other alternatives, you can choose toys that are hanging and can move because these toys could lure children to be active and stimulate the baby’s ability to capture movement.
  6. Infants 0-3 months are often biting his toys, for that, choose toys that are larger than the mouth in order to avoid the risk of being swallowed by infants.

Learn What Features to Look for in Infant Toys for 0-3 Months

best Infant Toys 0 3 Months

    1. theeters – Babies instinctively would insert objects into the mouth and bites, including his favorite toy. This activity can stimulate the sense of taste baby.
    2. Figure Striped Thick, Simple and Colorful Patterned Black-White – Serve to help focus the eyes of the baby.
    3. Hanging Toys – The color that comes from toys that are hung into a special attraction for your baby. Hanged toys will stimulate your baby’s vision. Pay attention to safety when trying to touch it earned in a strong bond so that the toy is not falling on your baby.
    4. Rubber doll with soft materials – With the doll you can take the baby to speak, at this age the baby’s eyes had played the role of eye contact. The ability to recognize the people around you really helps you to talk to them. Encourage your child to talk on the sidelines of his activities while wearing or she is awake so easy to recognize your voice and can respond capabilities in the upcoming months.
    5. Contrasting colored objects – Toys with striking contrasting colors not only to stimulate the baby’s vision. The toy can also develop motor skills because it triggers the baby to kick, shake, and reach when the baby is trying to reach the object that interests him. Choose a toy that combines black-and-white patterns (like stripes and dots) with bright colors.

    Selection of baby toys is very important, in addition to not harm the baby can also be targeted to the purpose to develop and hone the baby’s motor.

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